What we do

We record through M-Audio ProFire 2626 audio interface expanded to 16 channels by means of ADA8000 ADDA converter. The number of channels can be further expanded if your application requires more than 16 channels of audio.  The recording media is a MacBook Pro laptop with an i7 Quad Core 3.7GHz CPU, 16GB RAM, and an amazingly fast SSD drive. The recording software is Ableton Live 9 - however, we can also use Pro Tools 10/11, Logic Pro 9, and Cubase 7.

Your audio is recorded at 48KHz, 24bit, and stored in raw audio, WAV or AIFF format to allow for further processing. This quality is a bit higher than the DVD standard (48KHz, 16bit), and a lot higher than the CD standard (44.1KHz, 16bit). This ensures a higher quality of subsequent processing.

If you want to get your recording back on a playable CD, we will do this conversion at the very last stage of the mastering process.


What you get

We return your recording in multiple tracks (for you to mix in a studio) or in one stereo file (if you would like us to mix it for you).  Please see our Service Bundles section for the prices of combined services. We can also provide a project file of most popular digital audio workstation software, with your tracks already in the project, to make it easier for you to continue working on your recording.